His fingerprints were all over it.


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2 Responses to His fingerprints were all over it.

  1. flippingood says:

    Hi there, Best Copywriting Ads. Thanks for your emails, I find it really inspiring to have a nose through some of the great copy ads you send around. However, it seems to be a little feast and famine with your emails. I get nothing for days and days then I receive, as I have today, about 20 all at once. As much as I admire your enthusiasm, would there be any chance you could do one a day? Just a suggestion. I really haven’t got bags of time to go through a stack of emails at a time so will no doubt end up deleting them and that’s no good for anyone. Thanks loads, Rowan

    Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2015 09:26:10 +0000 To: rowanearly@hotmail.com


    • Steve says:

      Hi there,

      Glad you like the blog, Rowan. You’re right. It is a little feast and famine because I am busy, alas. What I was thinking was that people would visit the home page and scroll down it and see all the ads, zoom in on ones they like. I might be wrong? Is that not how WordPress works? I am not a follower on any other sites so wouldn’t know. I can space them out tho. I just get onto a frenzy of collecting every now and again and then publish them all:p


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